Social Media Marketing


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn et al…each platform serves a different purpose and caters to a particular audience. What do they all have in common? They all provide you with an enormous opportunity to drive web traffic, increase brand awareness and engage your client base. The advent of Web 2.0 changed everything; it provided businesses with the ideal platform to develop meaningful customer relationships in a highly social context. Above all, it empowered the customer-UGC or user generated content such as reviews and fan sites, can make or break a brand. We pride ourselves on our ability to leverage the power of social media marketing and user generated content, no matter the business context.

Social Media Marketing has the power to drive a serious amount of traffic to your website.  Just provide great content and facilitate the conversation.

More than just friends

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Could your business benefit from social media marketing?


If you don’t already take advantage of social media marketing for your business, you are seriously missing out-nowadays social signals (I.e. user engagement, follower metrics etc.) are considered by Google when assessing the influence and domain authority of your site. Not only that, but due to the huge numbers of global users, social media sites like Facebook have enormous domain authority, which means a link from one of these sites will contribute to your backlink profile, a key contributing factor of SERP rankings. Website traffic is another factor: your social media channels, if managed correctly, will provide your website with valuable traffic. The more traffic you receive, the higher the chance of conversions. Just don’t take your followers for granted-provide them with useful, meaningful content and engage with them at every opportunity. Get this right, and your fans will transform into brand advocates that will champion your business for you.