Even though Google plans to place more of an emphasis on paid search in 2017/2018, in part by blurring the distinction between paid and organic search results even further, the acquisition of free, organic traffic through search engine optimisation is still paramount and should form the basis of every businesses online marketing efforts. The basis of our SEO strategy is a full website audit, followed by thorough keyword research and continuous on & off page optimisation. Over a period of 6+ months, we aim to vastly improve your websites page rank in Google.

SEO is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.  Visibility in search engines is key-it's where your customers are...

SEO pays dividends for local craft beer supplier

Learn how we took a Cardiff based craft beer company from zero to hero in Google's search results.

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Could your business benefit from SEO?


Leading into 2018, SEO continues to be a difficult beast to tame-it's as highly competitive as ever and Google keeps altering the goal posts, through the implementation of regular algorithm updates. Factor in perpetual changes in consumer internet habits, due in part to the rapid growth of technology, and it it’s no wonder SEO is such big business. That said, through patience, perseverance and adherence to the rules, you will start to see favourable results after a few short months (although for some businesses it can be anywhere between 6 – 12 months, dependent on the competition). It all comes down to what sort of business you have:


  • -If your business has a fixed location and you deal primarily with people in the local vicinity, then you should consider local SEO. This approach focuses on local searcher intent (i.e. Cardiff hotels, restaurants in Cardiff etc.) and the aim is to feature your business prominently in the 3-pack (the top 3 local search results).

  • -If you do not have a bricks and mortar store or you cater primarily to a nationwide audience, then Organic SEO would be more appropriate for your business. The idea is to feature prominently in the main search results for search phrases that have no local intent (i.e. vegan recipes, ski holidays Italy etc.)
SEO has changed over the years.  If you have a store, you will need to focus on local SEO.  If not, then organic SEO will fit the bill.