Content Marketing


Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behaviour. Consumers have switched off from traditional marketing – it doesn’t work anymore, especially for younger generations (i.e. millennials). At 11:FiftyNine, we combine the complimentary fields of Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing to provide our clients with a hybrid approach to lead generation and conversion optimization. Content is king-how will your content strategy shape up in 2017 and beyond?

Content is king-don't let your content marketing suffer in 2017/2018

Content with content

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Could your business benefit from producing quality content?


The short answer is: yes.


Content marketing enables you to build a community of followers; position your brand as on authority in your field; engage with and gain insight from your customer base; improve SEO.
Content is useful for a number of reasons, although from a consumer perspective these can arguably be distilled into three main areas:

  • - Find a solution to a problem
  • - Learn about something new
  • - Form an opinion on a topic

Content that fulfils any one of the criteria above will help to enrich the lives of those who consume it through the value it provides. It is this provision of value that will provide your business with a competitive advantage and help position you, the owner, as an authority figure. Ultimately, content marketing is an excellent way of spreading brand awareness & generating leads and is one of the core tenets of the inbound marketing methodology-advertising no longer has the effect it used to, so instead of pushing advertising messages out to consumers, marketers these days pull consumers in through high quality content. Content is King-long may it reign!

Content marketing will not only provide your customers with added value, but will also help to position you as an authority figure in your field.