Blooming Marvellous
Rebranding a Popular Florists

The Problem

Monique Quinn Flowers is a popular florist situated in the picturesque Roman town of Caerleon. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Monique wanted a brand image that was more in-keeping with modern times. She specified that she wanted something minimal and clean and that could be used on stickers and other stationary that she plans to get printed. As an example of the kind of logo she was looking for, Monique pointed at the Hugo Boss logo.

The Solution

Our first thought when looking at the Hugo Boss logo was that although it was simple and clean, it was also quite masculine looking - and not one that you would initially associate with flowers. That being said, we were determined that a flower would not be the most prominent feature in the finished logo as the market is awash with local florists emblazoned with flower symbols.
We presented a number of provisional sketches to Monique in varying styles and allowed her preferences to guide us towards a design that she felt suited her and her business. We struggled to match the minimal brief with the feminine nature of the business - but towards the end our collaborative approach brought everything together.

The Result

The end result is a logo that Monique feels proud to show her customers. The subtle incorporation of flowers creeping across the MQ monogram and the leaf acting as the tail in the letter Q give a feminine edge to the minimalistic logo. Containing the monogram within a circular container consisting of the business name and year of establishment allows the logo to be used on stickers and other stationary as per the specification whilst also allowing the logo to contain as much information as possible without over cluttering.

"I had spent money on a previous logo design that I was unhappy with. I'm really happy with my new logo and with the care and attention that was shown in making sure that the end result matched how I wanted my business to be portrayed" - Monique Quinn (Owner)