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Science Subscription Box Start-up gets Strategic

The Problem

Big kids at heart, imagine our delight when Mia and Bryan Hatton approached us to help shape the strategic vision of their subscription box start-up, Letterbox Lab. Aimed at children aged 6 and over, each letterbox lab contains an exciting range of DIY science experiments or craft based activities. Unsure on how best to take their product to market, Mia and Bryan asked if we could lend a hand.

The Solution

After meeting with Mia and Bryan to discuss their requirements, we suggested compiling a series of strategic marketing recommendations based upon a full situation analysis of the business model and market, the identification of marketing objectives and online value propositions and planned processes for monitoring progress and success. The overall aim of the report was to present the most efficient and cost effective method of taking the product to market in light of our research findings.

The Result

Using industry standard databases such as Keynote and Mintel, we presented a detailed analysis of the subscription box industry. Coupled with a thorough investigation of the competition, we were able to effectively compile a series of value propositions unique to the business as well as a set of customer personas (generalised representations of ideal customers) the pair could use to better position their product in the market place. This information subsequently informed the development of the rest of the report, notably marketing goals & objectives and the strategy required to achieve these goals. Pleased with the end result, Mia and Bryan found real value in our report and continue to use it as the backbone of their on-going marketing campaigns.

"Jordan and Saul went above and beyond to deliver a comprehensive overview of our place in the market, which has helped us to identify our strengths and to improve upon our weaknesses. Throughout the process, they were highly communicative, asking all the right questions to get to know us and our product, and answering all of our queries with speed and clarity. It's refreshing to talk to marketing experts without feeling overwhelmed by jargon and acronyms - these guys clearly know their stuff but they are not patronising at all. It was a pleasure to work with 11:FiftyNine and I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to understand and improve their digital presence." - Mia Hatton