Ready for takeoff?
Cardiff Airport's social media following soars

The Problem

The team at Cardiff Airport approached us with a clear brief: give us guidance on how to increase our social media following.

Although certain platforms were performing well, they had fallen behind strategically identified competitors of late and were looking for recommendations that would help them to reverse this trend.

The Solution

The first step was to select and employ a suite of tools that would allow us to gain insights into how competitors were behaving on their social platforms and what was working for them. Given that they had larger audiences, learning what engaged fans of their pages most effectively gave us a good starting point from which we could benchmark Cardiff Airport's practices. After analysing the data we found some pretty clear trends and were able to draw valuable insights.
Once we had a good idea of how competitors were driving growth in their social following, we distilled their approaches into core elements that could be bettered by Cardiff Airport and guide the social media strategy delivering a set of strategic recommendations that we were sure would help them achieve their objectives.

The Result

Since handing over our strategic recommendations to Cardiff Airport, its social audience has grown by over 50% outstripping competitors identified by Cardiff Airport in their initial brief during the same period who have grown by only 10% and 14%. Furthermore, Cardiff Airport has not only overtaken its competitors in terms of average engagement, but now achieves an average engagement that is more than double that of its identified competitors.

"11:FiftyNine conducted an in-depth audit into our digital channels which offered some valuable insight into how Cardiff Airport can continue to reach new and existing audiences with our messages. Furthermore, the team's recommendations offered new and interesting ways for us to develop content that will ensure that we stand out on social media. Saul and Jordan are a dynamic, creative team with excellent marketing skills - and come highly recommended!" - Rhiannon Jenkins (Marketing Manager)