We don’t just sell you services, we provide you with the tailored solutions you need to grow your business.

Not sure what you're business needs to succeed?


Our bespoke marketing solutions are designed to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Our knowledge of different marketing channels allows us to develop a tailored yet strategic approach to taking your product or service to market. Our creative flair and keen eye for detail sets us apart from the competition.

A solution orientated marketing agency

Generate new customers

We're experts in crafting marketing campaigns that resonate with your target audience


A marketing agency that specialises in brand awareness

Increase brand awareness

Our carefully considered approach to brand awareness ensures that your brand will stay top of mind

Customer relationship management keeps your client base top of mind

Retain existing customers

Our approach to customer relationship building can turn customers into life long brand advocates


A detailed strategy should form the basis of all your marketing efforts

Develop a strategic approach

We specialise in the creation of bespoke marketing strategies that help you reach your goals and objectives

Just tell us what you want to achieve-working together to develop goal orientated marketing solutions is more effective than selecting from a list of services.

"11:FiftyNine conducted an in-depth audit into our digital channels which offered some valuable insight into how Cardiff Airport can continue to reach new and existing audiences with our messages. Furthermore, the team's recommendations offered new and interesting ways for us to develop content that will ensure that we stand out on social media. Saul and Jordan are a dynamic, creative team with excellent marketing skills - and come highly recommended!" - Cardiff Airport

Why 11:FiftyNine?



Marketing agency 11:FiftyNine was established after Jordan and Saul graduated with masters degrees in Strategic Digital Marketing (11:59 pm happens to be the time both marketers handed in their course assignments), which makes them two of the most highly qualified practitioners in the UK. Recognising the need for a service that more effectively meets the needs of businesses looking to improve their online presence, 11:FiftyNine spent it's first year of operation learning from its clients, molding itself into the solutions focused company it is today. With new partners on board and an ever improving suite of solutions, 11:FiftyNine is perfectly positioned to determine your marketing needs.

A marketing agency run by MSc strategic marketing graduates